I've got a rails application that's presently a joint venture partner site with my customer's SSO Identity Provider. Presently it uses the CA SiteMinder Affiliate Agent, that is an apache module. The actual SSO architecture is abstracted away and my Rails application only needs to parse and HTTP Header to get the values from the customer's Identity Server. Now i need to convert my website from the SiteMinder Apache Module and employ SAML. Does anybody have knowledge about how this ought to be implemented? Can there be an Apache Module that may continue the abstraction I am accustomed to now, or will my Rails application result in parsing the SAML statements?

OpenSAML is really a library - it's not just a alternative for Site Minder. Possibly you are considering OpenSSO. It's an free product much like Site Minder that supports SAML and Apache.

My team implemented the SAML protocol in Ruby also it labored well. The were some minor hiccups in making use of some libraries to compute hash values, however it labored. I am unsure if there's a much better plug and play solution right now, but comprehending the SAML authentication process and applying our part only required a couple of days.