I've got a site associated with a college and you want to connect to another site which has a certain teaching program. I was wishing to have the ability to track the quantity of occasions this link continues to be clicked on from inside our website. I do not really know how to start, any steering toward the best direction could be a lot of help. I do not know if my tags is going to be right :/. Thanks!

I'd use jquery and/or ajax to the touch a webpage without anyone's knowledge (ajax) that counts hits each time a link is clicked on after which go to permit the link do what it really does.

You should use web statistics tools for example Google Statistics or commercial software for example WebTrends.

Rather than directly supplying the exterior link, connect to a webpage by yourself site that redirects towards the link, and it'll be drenched like all other request.

Heaven is usually the limit if this involves link monitoring. It truly is dependent in your expertise.

Use a service like bit.ly to trace the clicks the hyperlink. Bit.ly is mainly used a s shortner service, but when you subscribe to bit.ly (really make a free account) You can preserve track around the links that you simply generate and just how much they're clicked on.

If you wish to install something in your server to trace the hyperlinks you should use something similar to: http://www.phpjunkyard.com/php-click-counter.php Its an easy redirect script that in which you provide a hyperlink, and you'll have back a hyperlink that it may track. It monitors all of the click. This script is super simple and doesn't need you to make use of a mysql database and it's not necessary to have a big understanding of programming to set up it.

Most dependable technique is utilizing a redirector to appraise the traffic dealing with, no requirement for JavaScript (e.g. the phpjunkyard.com link given) as lengthy as possible depend in your server to redirect without problems.

If your server side choice is unavailable, utilizing a web-statistics tool only to count link clicks does not seem sensible, therefore the JavaScript option might be used, however, you still need something to count the clicks directly into.

If you'd like to us an internet-statistics tool to e.g. better understand your site visitors, it is a different story All (not every want it, but all utilize it if at all possible) the WA tools make use of a 1x1 pixel Presen to record calls and browse the incoming data. GA is free of charge, but you would need to code the hyperlink click (simple though). Piwik hosting can be obtained really cheap and would have the desired effect. WebTrends along with other tools are far too hardcore with this type of requirement.