I am attempting to publish some code clips on my small WordPress blog, however when I copy, it strips out all of the leading spaces from each type of code. It does not appear to have trouble with leading spaces being there generally, since i have can also add them in by hand, however it does not like them being copied and pasted in for reasons uknown.

Can there be some wordpress plugin I'm able to use, or some simple code modification I'm able to make, to really make it accept the code I paste in without attempting to format it for me personally?

Make use of the code editor (NOT Visual) and wrap your code in


tags. Then format properly inside your theme's CSS.

Here's Wordpress' explanation

I'd make use of the FCKEditor (now known as CKEditor) wordpress plugin, http://www.deanlee.cn/wordpress/fckeditor-for-wordpress-plugin/. I've found it really works much better than the built-in TinyMCE default editor. The only real time I've not tried on the extender happens when I've sites which use the qTranslate wordpress plugin as it doesn't presently support CKEditor.