And So I created a web application in ASP.Internet and SQL Server 2008. Area of the SQL code I implemented like a .Internet set up (rather than t-sql) since it is carrying out intense information which are better designed in C#.

Now i'm prepared to deploy my application, however i am stuck searching for a webhost that enables this. Scratch out Discount ASP (check this out forum publish). I attempted contacting other website hosts and that i either get no reply or they are saying they're not going to support it.

Any recommendations? What is the large cope with getting CLR enabled in SQL Server?

it's disabled automatically and many shared hosts is going to be not wanting to enable it due to the possibility added security issues. You can publish a request to webhostingtalk. Some options:

Amazon . com EC2 with SQL Server or SQL Server Express Edition, a VPS (1and1 has an excellent deal at this time) running Express Edition, or obviously your personal devoted box

Your personal devoted box with SQL Express might be your best choice.

On Amazon . com EC2 you receive your personal devoted box, which means you have the freedom make it possible for / install a specific item fit. You can configure a vanilla server then install the SQL Enterprise eval should you wanted.