I have got a Mac laptop running MAMP.

I would like others on my small team (who're on a single network) to have the ability to access my local webserver to allow them to test their client code against my Peaceful API's on my small server.

There's an Apple Time Capsule/Airport terminal router.

Firewall is switched off on my small Mac.

How do you do that? Thanks.

Well first try to connect with it yourself. From the spend try telnet localhost 80 and find out whether it solutions. Otherwise, it isn't even listening, have to set that up first.

In the event that works, try telnetting using their company machines in your network to yours (telnet yourmachinesiporname 80) and find out should they have connectivity.

You will probably find your company's firewall blocks such things as port 80 which means you can't do such things as that.

  1. For those who have a firewall, make certain it's set up to permit connections around the appropriate port (usually 80, however with a nearby server it may be different).
  2. Make certain the server is correctly set up to simply accept connections from remote hosts.
  3. Make certain your company's hubs allow internal connections around the appropriate ports.

Check all Apache configuration files (httpd.conf and .htaccess) to check on for URL rewrites.

Works out that my .htaccess file during my root was carrying out a rewrite to "localhost".