I am creating a static website with wordpress and have to know

  1. How you can remove comments function
  2. How you can remove RSS subscribe
  3. How you can remove footer that states "Theme: Tarski by Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Manley. Blog at WordPress.com"
  4. Choose a style that suits my structure.

The URL is http://eddaconsult.wordpress.com How do i get it done? Will it rely on the theme? Must I make my very own theme rather and omit comments, RSS subscribe and footer? Exactly what do you recommend?


Personnaly to complete what you would like, i'll produce a new wordpress theme in line with the default wordpress theme or any other to create more simpler :

  • without comments loop/form (or desactivate within the back-office)
  • my very own title within the footer :)

To get rid of RSS subscribe, inside your functions.php :


Might be absolutely help select a good theme to begin your projects continue http://themeforest.net/ and edit it :p