I wish to use Apple's or RedHat's built-in Apache but I wish to use Perl 5.10 and mod_perl. What is the least intrusive way to do this? I would like the benefit of free security patching for that vendor's Apache, dav, php, etc., however i care a great deal about which version of Perl I personally use and what's during my @Corporation path. I do not mind producing my very own mod_perl.

  1. Construct your version of Perl 5.10 following any special instructions in the mod_perl documentation. Tell Perl configurator to set up in certain non-standard place, like /usr/local/perl/5.10.

  2. Make use of the instructions to construct a shared library (or dynamic, or .so) mod_perl against your distribution's Apache, but make certain you take the Makefile.PL using your version of perl:

    /usr/local/perl/5.10./bin/perl Makefile.PL APXS=/usr/bin/apxs

  3. Install and configure mod_perl like normal.

It might be useful, after the first step, to modify your path which means you don't accidentially get unclear about which version of Perl you are using:

export PATH=/usr/local/perl/5.10.0/bin:$PATH

You will want to consider mod_so

I have carried this out before. It had not been pretty, however it labored, especially since vendor perl's are often 2-three years old.

I began with making my very own perl Revoltions per minute that installed perl right into a different location, like /opt/. It was pretty easy. I mostly began with this particular because I did not want the machine utilities that used perl to interrupt after i upgraded/installed new modules. I needed to modify my scripts to specify #!/opt/bin/perl at the very top and often I even performed with the road to make certain my perl came first.

Next, I snapped up a mod_perl source Revoltions per minute and modified it to make use of my /opt/bin/perl rather than /usr/bin/perl. I do not have the changes I made, because it was in a different gig. It required me a little of experimenting to have it.

It did work, but I am no Revoltions per minute wizard, so dependency checking did not exercise so well. For instance, I possibly could un-install my custom Revoltions per minute and break everything. It had not been a large deal for me personally, and so i managed to move on.

I had been also mixing RPM's with CPAN installs of modules (i adore we built our very own custom CPAN mirror with this own code?). It was a little fragile too. Again, I did not possess the assets (ie, time) to learn how to bend cpan2rpm to make use of my perl and never cause Revoltions per minute conflicts.

Basically been with them all to complete again, I'd create a custom 5.10 perl Revoltions per minute and merely replace the machine perl. I Quickly would use cpan2rpm to produce the Revoltions per minute packages I desired for my software and compile my very own mod_perl Revoltions per minute.