I am attempting to attach the Perl debugger to Apache and mod_perl. Our atmosphere is very complex (plenty of additional stuff (eg Catalyst) set up with Apache) and also the engineers who set up it aren't any longer with the organization. I have adopted the instructions around the Apache site, setting 'PerlFixupHandler Apache::DB', etc. but to date all I recieve is really a enter the debugger after the page continues to be shipped. I am speculating which i obtain the burglary the dispatch process, not the worker process. I am running the prefork MPM version of Apache. The instructions for debugging say pass the -X parameter when beginning httpd. However the httpd I am running does not pay a -X parameter. I am presuming the -X param would really cause some versions of httpd not to fork?

Every guidance appreciated.

$ ./httpd -v
Server version: Apache/2.2.17 (Unix)
Server built:   Nov 16 2010 20:13:24

-X isn't listed when I do httpd -?    
Usage: ./httpd [-D name] [-d directory] [-f file]
           [-C "directive"] [-c "directive"]
           [-k start|restart|graceful|graceful-stop|stop]
           [-v] [-V] [-h] [-l] [-L] [-t] [-T] [-S]

It 'Pro Perl Debugging' includes a chapter on 'Debugging a CGI Program' along with a subsection entitled 'Configuring mod_perl'.

Sorry, I do not have the book at this time.