I'm using ColdFusion (openBlueDragon) to place the information from the large (200MB) xml file right into a database without needing to load the whole file into memory that is the way i typically would get it done. I saw a Much The Same QUESTION here: Looping over a large XML file that appears to become the solution I'm searching for.

However, I am novice enough in java to know and adapt the code to me. I discovered not a way to reply to the expert (@orangepips) who published the code otherwise I wouldn't have published this type of similar question.

My xml file appears like this:

        <subject>The subject text</subject>
        <date>2007-05-21 04:03:00</date>
        <content>text content often contains many paragraphs of text</content>

This is actually the code, courtesy orangepips, that I am attempting to adapt for my purpose. I have modified it a little to incorporate my very own area names:

<cfset fis = createObject("java", "java.io.FileInputStream").init(
<cfset bis = createObject("java", "java.io.BufferedInputStream").init(fis)>
<cfset XMLInputFactory = createObject("java", "javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory").newInstance()>
<cfset reader = XMLInputFactory.createXMLStreamReader(bis)>

<cfloop condition="#reader.hasNext()#">
<cfset event = reader.next()>
<cfif event EQ reader.START_ELEMENT>
    <cfswitch expression="#reader.getLocalName()#">
        <cfcase value="allItems">
            <!--- root node, do nothing --->
        <cfcase value="item">
            <!--- set values used later on for inserts, selects, updates --->
        <cfcase value="subject">
            <!--- some selects and insert --->
        <cfcase value="contentdate">
            <!--- insert or update --->
        <cfcase value="content">
        <cfcase value="author">
<cfset reader.close()>

I've got a single table and i'm trying to puzzle out how do you access the values from each XML element and so i may place it one row at any given time? such as this: Place INTO content (subject,contentdate, content, author) VALUES ("The topic text", 2007-5-21 04:03:00, "text content here","JPass78")