I simply upgraded among my many blogs to Wordpress 3. and that i was glad to determine which i now should have the ability to run my blogs from the central installation.

I've the multisite stuff set up and ready to go, and may create new blogs as If only.

My host is to establish to deal with wildcard subdomains, but Let me map my already established, proper domain names to sites rather. How do you do that?

Redirecting the domain names isn't a choice.

There is a domain mapping wordpress plugin:


Should you download the dev version, which will use 3., I am told:


There must be a download link at the end of this page.

Modrewrite is most likely the solution, but without learning more about the server and just how wordpress does the multiple blog feature (I personally use it and also have upgraded to three too, however i haven't checked out it very carefully), it's difficult to provide a particular answer.