I am creating an internet application for any team that's presently monitoring all their data inside a Microsoft Access database. The brand new database is going to be saved in mySQL, but I'm not sure enough about Microsoft Access to make sure that I am doing things properly.

It is possible to tool or method that is available which will rapidly create all of the proper tables in mySQL and transfer all of the data from Microsoft Access that does everything properly?

This may assist you to the content now has wrinkles, however i accept is as true should be relevant.


(Incidentally it was a higher relevance google listing from Google have you use Google to find articles, and when so, why was this short article not sufficient?)

I've got a little script using mdbtools. se Access DB5 to MySQL automatically

The MySQL GUI Administration Tools possess a Migration toolkit. I have not used at all it, however it appears like MS Access is definitely an choice to migrate from.

Best of luck!

Hmm. I've Access 2003 and am running MySQL (to aid web focus on my laptop). I simply went into an Access back finish MDB and outlined a table and chose EXPORT in the file menu after which chose ODBC as the kind of target database, and find the DSN for just one of my MySQL databases. Then i clicked on OK, and low and behold, after i open phpMyAdmin, there is the released table within the MySQL database.

Quite simply, from Access, this is simple.

It may most likely be scripted from Access with DoCmd.TransferDatabase while using appropriate connect string.