I presently possess a live redis server running on the cloud instance and I wish to migrate this redis server to a different cloud instance and employ that instance as my new redis server. Whether it were MySQL, I'd export the DB in the old server and import it in to the new server. How must i do that with redis?

P.S.: I am not searching to create-up replication. I wish to completely migrate the redis server to a different instance.

Save a spanshot from the database right into a dump.rdb by either running BGSAVE or SAVE in the command line. This can produce a file named dump.rdb within the same folder as the redis server. See a listing of server instructions.

Copy this dump.rdb towards the other redis server you need to migrate to. When redis begins, it searches for this file to initialize the database from.

If you possess the connectivity between servers it is best to setup replication (that is trivial, in contrast to SQL) using the new instance like a slave node - you'll be able to switch the brand new node to understand having a single command and perform the move with zero down time.

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But how do you know once the data is finished between your master and also the slave? You should use INFO command.