I attempted getting help around the wordpress forums but no luck. Anyways, heres my question...

Allows say i'm creating 10 parent groups and a pair of sub groups to every parent. My wordpress publish goes to 1 sub group of a specific parent category

How do you obtain the parent category title ONLY? i'm not going subcategories names? what wordpress code would do this?

And something more question...

Can you really query publish through the parent of the sub category by utilizing

but rather than entering "cat=1" or even the title from the particular category, can one make a move like

so by doing this it might instantly place and query publish for that parent associated with a particular sub category that's clicked on on?

Plenty of solutions and good examples within the Wordpress paperwork:

get category parents

get the category

(Also it appears like some code snips or any other text did not come through inside your original question)

To obtain the parent category title, make use of the get_cat_name() function, using the parent because the parameter -- like so:

$cat = get_the_category();
$parentCatName = get_cat_name($cat[0]->parent);

Each one of these solutions unsuccessful for me personally.

I eventually handled to show a post's best category title such as this :

        $categories = get_the_category();
        $category= '';
        foreach($categories as $childcat) {
            $parentcat = $childcat->category_parent;
                $category = get_cat_name($parentcat);
        $category = (strlen($category)>0)? $category :  $categories[0]->cat_name;

Found this answer, which provides the first ancestor slug. It might be easily modified to provide you with the title.

First got it here: http://nick.boldison.com/wordpress/wordpress-get-top-level-parent-category/

// get parent category slug
$parentCatList = get_category_parents($cat,false,',');
$parentCatListArray = split(",",$parentCatList);
$topParentName = $parentCatListArray[0];
$sdacReplace = array(" " => "-", "(" => "", ")" => "");
$topParent = strtolower(strtr($topParentName,$sdacReplace));

Actually, to obtain the parent title:

// get parent category slug
$parentCatList = get_category_parents($cat,false,',');
$parentCatListArray = split(",",$parentCatList);
$topParentName = $parentCatListArray[0];