Greetings: I'm attempting to pass a parameter in one page into a different one. How do you do that? It is possible to way when someone logs in to the application, I don't want these to sign in two times. I would like another page to understand this user has already been drenched in and give her / him OK to make use of another page. Case to avoid multiple log inches.

I appriciate any help I jump on this isue.

Sincerely, David Ramezani

Agree w/Jacob: Give a flag towards the session to exhibit the user is drenched in. You have access to that session variable from the page the user accesses until they log out or close the browser.

WordPress handles this for you personally by setting 2 snacks whenever you sign in:

Whenever you log into WordPress from, WordPress stores the next two snacks:

Your user title

A double-hashed copy of the password

WordPress uses the 2 snacks to bypass the password entry part of wordpress-login.php. If WordPress recognizes you have valid, non-expired snacks, you decide to go straight to the WordPress Administration interface. Without having the snacks, or they are expired, or perhaps in another way invalid (as if you edited them by hand for whatever reason), WordPress will need you to sign in again, to be able to obtain new snacks.

If you wish to make use of the data else where with WordPress you should use the is_user_drenched_in conditional statement:

if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {    echo 'Welcome, registered user!';} else {    echo 'Welcome, visitor!';};?>