I am accustomed to doing fundamental password protection for Apache w/ the next method in Apache config files:

AuthType Fundamental
AuthName "By Invitation Only"
AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

However, I have been requested to place some protection on the subdirectory of the site running ColdFusion on the top of IIS6, and I am not really acquainted with how to get this done. How's this done? What must i consider? I simply need to password safeguard an administrative subdirectory, and so i have no need for a complete user login system - just something which limits who are able to access the portion of the site.

You are able to get into IIS 6 and also the qualities for the website's folder you need to safeguard. Click directory security tab and uncheck allow anonymous. You will want to select an authntication type. If it is over SSL you should use fundamental, otherwise use another type. Consider you mention fundamental, this might suffice regardless. Bear in mind fundamental auth will be sending password in plain text. Thsi will request for any home windows login to be able to access that folder. You may create a restricted wondows account for this function, reagrdless if it is around the domain or local.Yet another factor, wether you utilize a current account or produce a new account make certain this folder has a minimum of read permission towards the folder and it is sub folders.

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