I am running the most recent version of Wordpress (3.1.2) and want to produce a form that, when posted, will create a Thanks page with my very own text, a listing of the information the user posted, in addition to a PayPal button. I am not really a programmer (although I know HTML), so I have installed the Custom Contact Forms Wordpress wordpress plugin, also it looks very easy to use, but I am unsure how you can create things i just referred to. It enables you to produce a custom Thanks Page with HTML, but you need to follow certain parameters.

Would appreciate step-by-step instructions regarding how to do that. I simply need instructions for that fundamental template from it. I'm able to complete the particular code once i obtain that.

If another Wordpress wordpress plugin is much better with this, please mention which and just how I'd setup the Thanks page I simply referred to.


You would be best having a wordpress plugin. Developing a form on your own can be achieved, but it is pretty intensive coding you are speaking about here. (I possibly could include a lot of code here, however when I only say a lot, I am talking about it. If you are not so well-experienced in PHP, then it'll provide you with a headache.) Gravity Forms is the greatest form wordpress plugin available (and it has Paypal integration having a click), but it is not free. Dagon Design's Form Mailer and cFormsII are generally good plug ins (and free), but you will need to perform some fine-tuning to encourage them to do what you would like. Less than you would be doing should you attempted to produce your personal form, but a little is required.