I produced a custom food selection to look at > Menus and want to have the ability to particularly target it with CSS however, I'm not sure how you can assign it an id or class? Just help.

I am not super acquainted with recption menus merchandise that way.

However when you produce a new page it'll instantly get class that indicates the page using its ID.

for instance:

.page_item .page-item-5

and also the last number(s) signifies the id from the page. Which you'll check in the page edit section within the admin panel.

( edit: it had been like five each morning and that i skipped that theres really 2 classes. Regular and particular. Also this can be a <li> tag which consists of the <a> tag

Observe that there's also


that is instantly produced.

Try reading through the codex, you are able to pass two parameters for you wp_nav_menu call. One for menu_id and something for menu_class.

As Lollero stated above, recption menus products themselves will instantly have class's and ID's provided to them.