I erased some data from the production Application Engine application. Regrettably I'd the incorrect table title in your mind when Used to because I've two tables which have much the same names. I understand the used code is versioned so that you can roll to an earlier version of the code. How about for the data? And, moving forward, what is the best data backup technique you can use for production data?

Sorry Keith your computer data sheds. Backup copies are down to the consumer.

There's an element request Datastore archive that you simply should star if you feel something similar to this ought to be area of the service as well as an enhanced Import/Export is around the roadmap.

For the time being your very best choices are:

  • Make use of the Bulkloader to fetch all of your organizations
  • Write a custom off-site backup script that brings important areas of your computer data via remote_api
  • Periodically copy all of your organizations right into a different namespace within the datastore (this is often more difficult it sounds)