How do you redirect this:

world wide

for this:

world wide

How's this done -- 301? .htaccess? Can someone point me within the right direction please? My host is NearlyFreeSpeech and also the domain I wish to redirect to is very a sizable site having a static IP.

You will find multiple ways to get this done:

Other solutions are possible, and usually vary by server and configuration stack. I suppose Apache compliance, given the existence of .htaccess within the problem statement.

Here is a Wikipedia reference on redirects through the 3xx group of HTTP status codes, if anyone's interested in the client's perspective.

Something similar to this will get it done

RedirectPermanent / http://world wide

RedirectPermanent would return a 301 code and pressure the customer to visit world wide, it really works in apache config file and .htaccess file. You'll need mod_alias enabled to make use of it.

This can be used around the root directory from the subdomain inside a .htaccess file, or perhaps in the virtualhost portion of your apache configuration file.

For the reference the documentation