I have been searching in the remove_action() call, which works best for some elements, but I am unsure it really works for that CSS within the header. I possibly could by hand edit where the CSS is loaded, but I'd rather get it done via a wordpress plugin.



they are hooks that allegedly work, however i can't appear to determine how use remove_action() around the hooks.

This covers getting rid of actions for styles: Function Reference/remove action « WordPress Codex. Have no idea how relevant it's for WP's admin area.

I really emerged with a strategy to this, after much searching and learning from mistakes. To my understanding, it isn't within the WordPress codex anywhere, so when I introduced up within the WordPress IRC channels, some scoffed, as though the concept only agreed to be absurd. I'll try to document it later when I've got a chance, but I'll begin by saying it calls for creating your personal functions.php file inside your theme, and adding several cases of wordpress_deregister_style(), in addition to a wordpress_admin_css hook to override the default theme.

Oddly enough, I possibly could not understand this fix to operate inside a wordpress plugin, that was okay for my reasons since I've got a highly modified theme, however i could imagine people attempting to simply do it having a simple wordpress plugin.