How do you rewrite

world wide


world wide

help me with this particular when i can't appear to achieve success. My host uses apache 2.2. Thank you for the help!


No I do not need that trailing ? However, I made use of the Rewrite rule you offered me also it still ain't working. I additionally added a RewriteEngine On prior to the rules.

I've Linux hosting, .htaccess and also the code is clearly semantically correct, cause otherwise I'd obtain the all very popular 500 internal server error. I placed the .htaccess file within the folder factor as well as in the main from the site, however it still will not work.

There must be a choice to show it in directory format rather than the PHP ? format. Otherwise, you could utilize the .htaccess mod_rewrite rule to create that display within the /folder/ way.

Generate an income get it done is the fact that I simply upload my files and every page title is index.html after which I create folders, and set each index.html within the folder. Such as this:


For the reason that folder is index.html, so rather than it being /guidelines.html it's /guidelines/

Looks better without .html

You should utilize mod_rewrite:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^otherthing=(.*)$
RewriteRule ^thing/thing.php$ /%1? [L]

No clue should you designed to obtain that trailing ? in the finish from the rewrite, I do not think that's possible. Observe that the ? in the finish from the RewriteRule would be to eliminate the query string, otherwise, the rewritten URL will have the ?otherthing=something-like-this in the finish.