My client has 1000 WordPress blogs located on the server for clients. Each is in the own domain through cpanel and SuPHP, running in CGI mode on Apache2.2. Now he wants me (I am the PHP programmer) to obtain Wordpress-Cache loaded on all these blogs and not simply triggered, but enabled. Younger crowd wants the timeout value set to two days rather than the default setting.

I've root on Light.

What's the preferred method to unveil an update to every blog so that on the page view, it sees if Wordpress-Cache is enabled or otherwise. Otherwise, it must copy it from a central source, activate it, after which enable it together with the various timeout value getting used.

A means, not the easiest way, would be to write a script copying the wordpress-cache wordpress plugin to every wordpress-content/pulugins folder. Then run another script which will go and modify every DB entry for this enabling it.

Otherwise done properly this is often devastating because it hits customer db's.

However, one factor to notice is wordpress-cache has past killing other plug ins. So, should you use and add this wordpress plugin to everyone's wordpress it could hurt there experience whether it affects another wordpress plugin they've installed thus growing support costs as people may be contacting trying to puzzle out what broke.

I'm guessing this really is being carried out to operate on performance issues. Can you really maybe do some form of server caching outdoors of wordpress?

edit: after reading through Joes comment I concur with him. Did not even mix my thoughts.