I thinking taking my website from a hosting that is shared plan and hosting my very own web server in order to save some $$$. I never located an internet site before and I’m very a new comer to this. I’m using ASP.Internet 3.5 and SQL Server 2005 Express. Laptops I'll use because the web server operates on Home windows XP, 1GB DDR SDRAM, a AMD Turion 64 mobile technology ML-30 / 1.6 GHz CPU, ZoneAlarm firewall along with a cable modem with 10 Megabyte per second download and 512 killerbytes per second upload. The website presently has 600+ registered customers having a couple of hundred unique page sights each day.

Some questions:

Do you know the steps from ground zero on hosting an internet server for ASP.Internet and MS SQL Server at home? When I pointed out I've no training at hosting websites, just building them so be descriptive.

Just how much wouldn't it cost to operate your personal server? (Expecting only a rough estimate in order to out weigh shared / devoted hosting plans.) Should i purchase any licenses? Could it be much more of an inconvenience than it’s worth?

I am not sure what else to request. For those who have any advice or information to talk about that might be great.

Interesting help. I truly be thankful.


Personally I'd NOT do that for several reasons.

  1. Hosting sites using a personal Cable internet plan's almost certain to be against your tos.
  2. Your upload speed is definately not sufficiently good to serve websites, nor may be the connection typically stable enough
  3. Hosting using home windows XP like a server is not recommended, you will find low connection restrictions, thus your website could not handle much traffic whatsoever.
  4. It's a large hassle, if put forth do-it-yourself you need to do maint, backup copies, and every one of the items that happens behind the curtain that safeguard you by now.

Well. this can be a pretty broad question. I suppose the very first factor could be have you got a static Ip and does your Web service provider allow port 80 traffic. Typically that will need a strategic business plan out of your Web service provider. I've charter plus they charge roughly $60/month for any static IP. You could utilize dynamic dns http://world wide web.dyndns.com/

Odds are your Web service provider does not allow hosting. When they see lots of upstream traffic, they might give back an awful letter and let you know to prevent.

In case your Web service provider does allow hosting, you'll only need a static Ip, you'll be able to have your domain indicate that address. Next, you will need to harden the hell from your server, because getting a public-facing server will invite lots of nasty people to cause trouble.

Generally, hosting on your own is usually more trouble than it's worth, unless of course you've specific needs that are not met with a normal hosting solution. Have you contemplated just having to pay for any devoted server? You can even obtain a virtual devoted server for cheaper, if you would rather.

I would suggest against hosting an internet site yourself, at home. You will find a lot of things you will need to be worried about, and opening your house network (for those who have one) to the net generally is a Bad Idea.

Your house cable connection should never be reliable enough to operate an active website from. It's also most likely from the tos of the cable contract. You will need to host this site inside a datacentre if you wish to have reasonable reliability and uptime.

The price for running your personal server is extremely high. Your greatest issue is that many ISP's significantly limit your bandwidth's UP speed. Second, ISP's do not let you to definitely run websites unless of course they are so small they run undetected. They might terminate your merchandise if you are caught... probably you'll you need to be shutdown without warning.

It's less expensive to simply pay a little fee for that hosting.

Nevertheless, if you are goal would be to learn instead of to complete, you are able to consider free (free) servers. (Apache, Tomcat, etc.)

If you are coming to a money out of your site, it's most likely more trouble than it's worth when it comes to maintenance setup and trouble-shooting. Also is dependent how bad down time is perfect for you. If down time costs serious cash then certainly not recommended to operate your personal.