How do you see if php server enables hooking up via curl to exterior sites before purchasing hosting package (or signing up on free host)? I observed that in certain hosting reviews customers were worrying that servers which have curl enabled frequently do not let exterior connections...

  1. Let me take a look before buying/signing up. Maybe there's some string in phpinfo that we can check (hosts sometimes connect to their phpinfo and so i don't have to be registered and make it myself) or something like that else i'm able to caused by take a look without getting account?

  2. If I must register first... maybe you will find some phpinfo-like scripts with increased extensive informations which i could upload and go to rapidly test host?

You'll certainly have to buy a merchant account before testing the server's capabilities.

However, many hosts permit you to test their website having a monthly contract or perhaps a XX days cash back guarantee. From the top my mind, Host gator is really host.

Then if you have that account, consider using a small script such as this (check the road to curl together with your host helpdesk or documentation):


$var = echo spend_professional("/usr/bin/curl -L http://world wide")


Produce a file such as this:






echo "<pre>"



That will explain instantly.

Also, most free hosts don't offer Curl automatically, because of abuse by spammers.