During my project I've 2 databases. propel-build-model has already been established to work with 2 databases - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/733224/multiple-databases-support-in-symfony

Basically make changes either to from the databases, I want the propel-build-schema command to rebuild the schemas for.

I understand I'm able to do that by hand by improving my configurations per schema, but can you really create both simultaneously? If that's the case, how do i adjust my propel.ini file to possess both connections?

I'm presently using Symfony 1.

The propel-build-schema command uses the configurations within the propel.ini file which could keep configuration of merely one connection only. However, you are able to most likely do what you would like by developing a copy of the propel.ini file having a different title to keep the configurations of the other connection and writing an easy spend script to relabel the .ini files to propel.ini when needed and invoke propel-build-schema two times to ensure that each invocation uses the best propel.ini (your script may should also relabel the output schema.yml files too). Ought to be easy to do. Then, without notice the schema files regenerated, just run the script.