I am establishing a case on ec2 while using rubber deployment tool. I have to determine where I specify the database connection parameters.

Within the /config/rubber/common/database.yml file, I check this out code that's accustomed to produce the /config/database.yml apply for the instance I am implementing to:


   @path = "#/config/database.yml"


<%= RUBBER_ENV %>:

  adapter: postgresql

  encoding: unicode

  database: <%= rubber_env.db_title %>

  username: <%= rubber_env.db_user %>

  password: <%= rubber_env.db_pass %>

  host: <%= rubber_instances.for_role('db', 'primary' => true).first.full_title %>

  pool: 5

There is however nowhere I'm able to find where it documents where I ought to place the values db_title, d_user and db_pass.

Individuals values are occur config/rubber/rubber-mysql.yml