I've considered creating my first database application for just one of my projects using Oracle and Java. I've selected Netbeans as my development atmosphere. I've got a couple of inquiries to getting began. Please bare beside me as I am a complete beginner to Oracle + Netbeans

  1. This is an information intensive (but still for any college project) database application. I don't need 1000 user concurrency or other very advanced features but fundamental stuff for example triggers, saved methods etc. Will the 11g "Express" (XE) suffice for my needs?

  2. Will i need any Java to Oracle bridge (database connectivity driver eg. ODBC etc) for Netbeans for connecting towards the oracle database? If so, what exactly are they? Does Netbeans support Oracle databases natively?

  3. Any simple to follow guide on how do you connect with the database and place/retrieve/display data on the J2SE application? (I understand which i should Google this but when there's any guide formerly then anybody and it is considered easy, it might be greatly appreciated.)

You will find a number of different methods to access databases using Java. I am presuming you're attempting to use JDBC, that is incorporated in most recent JDK's. You will find other layers on the top of JDBC like Hibernate that could make things cleaner for bigger programs, but can also be too steep a learning curve for those who have a task to accomplish and submit.

To reply to the questions you have so as:

  1. I believe it is highly likely that Oracle 10g Express Edition is going to do the thing you need for any college project. It's virtually the 10g Standard Edition having a 4GB limit on data size.
  2. You may need a JDBC driver to gain access to the database from Java. It arrives with XE, and it is set up in <XE client install dir>/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14.jar
  3. Sun have introducing JDBC here.