I've got a fully up-to-date wordpress site with a few plug ins that enqueue some styles, javascript files, etc. Wordpress creates these products by helping cover their single quotes that is messing up how browsers interpret them.

For instance, Chrome uses the products properly as though these were within the mind, however moves these to your body tag, developing a gap towards the top of the page (it card inserts a string of spaces). IE9B performs this too.

Frustrating as you would expect - and so i downloaded the html source code and went it in your area. It's fixed basically swap each and every quote within the mind tag to some double quote. Where will i change this in Wordpress?

The solution switched to be completely unrelated towards the quotes.

I'd edited my theme in Visual Studio 2010, since it is awesome. Somewhere across the line, the encoding got switched to some format which was messing up in IE9B and Chrome, although not Opera 10.

Saving the file in notepad with ANSI encoding fixed the problem immediately.

First, Can there be some code to check out? Second, theoretically, it ought to be fixed should you choose that. However, you'd need to take the "wordpress_mind()" function, from the < mind > section. You won't want to duplicate the code afterwards.

Another factor you could do this, is that you may really consider the person plug ins and alter the output code as to the you are searching for. This is a discomfort but which will repair it to ensure that you are able to still make use of the "wordpress_mind()" function.