I've produced an ASP.Internet MVC 3 project in Visual Studio and also the database is really a SQL Server Express database BeerRecommenderContext.mdf having a log file BeerRecommenderContext.ldf. I'm able to upload those to the conventional Application_Data directory however the connection string does not appear to operate. I believe it is because my host does not recognize the files as SQL Server files. My host, dotnet-host.com is applying WebsitePanel. My current connection string is


(obviously the password is really completed correctly)

For those who have standalone .mdf &lifier .ldf files inside your data directory then you definitely most likely want to use the AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|mydbfile.mdf; inside your connection string.

Your connection string is presently pointing in a different server which wont get anything inside your App_Data folder.

If you're able to access the database server at the hosting via SQL Server Management Studio it might be easier to move all of the data out of your stand alone files and employ the database supplied by the webhost.