is possible, and taking advantage of Ajax to get this done . object the aim was when someone's playing the MP3 player and going through the website the song stays playing and every time the page reloads it does not begin again I-frame is does not help much much since it is one factor need something which works with Joomla! website is there any assets or plug-inches or links that everyone could publish that helped me to solve this problem. aren't able to find worthwhile documentation about this. I'd greatly appreciate the appreciate the assistance.


One easy way accomplishing this utilizing a classic HTML FrameSet:

  1. Produce a FrameSet with two Frames:

    • Frame 1: Target for your Music player web-application
    • Frame 2: Joomla site
  2. Modify .htaccess to load the custom group of frames when entering the website rather than the plain Joomla template. Presuming your FrameSet is known as start.php

    DirectoryIndex start.php index.php

Now each time a link in your Joomla website is clicked on it loads within frame 2. The ball player in frame 1 keeps playing... ♩ ♪ ♩ But observe that a webpage refresh via your browsers native button still implies that the background music stops (because the FrameSet is finished). Find more particulars within this German blogpost or via Google translate.