After setting up lightbox for this site my comments eliminate. I checked out the code and moved the javascript links which were within the (those that included lightbox) within the to over the javascript links that included Wordpress-Buddypress. Before my javascript links from Lightbox were underneath the javascript links that included Wordpress.

After switching, your comments ought to began working again on my small website however the lightbox doesn't work.

After I use Firebug to locate errors, I recieve this error.

$("#videogallery a[rel]").overlay isn't a function

That code originates from "videolightbox.js" that was personal files that included my lightbox.

Used to do plenty of reseach about this problem and i'm convinced that I should use "jQuery.noConflict()" however i have no clue using it? I had been searching only at that link

however i can't appear to have it to operate because i've no clue using it. I additionally attempted changing all of the $() with jQurery() but that didn't solve my problem.

however i have no clue using it?

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

as well as your code can change from $(selector) to $j(selector)

Lots of good examples receive here

One factor to think about carefully may be the script loading order watching for repeat loading of JQuery. In certain (hopefully rare) situations, you are able to load JQuery, setup some code that utilizes it, then reload JQuery which tosses away the occasions which were setup after loading it the very first time.

I understand I went into that situation once, however i can't recall the particulars that brought into it occurring.

For your answer


You can now use $('#id').css(...)

The mistake is most likely leading to the relaxation from the code not performed, .overlay isn't a function implies that .overlay isn't a function and $ is working fine.

var test; test("#videogallery a[rel]").test()
//TypeError: test is not a function <-- You would see this if $ wasn't working

var test = function(){return {};};
test("#videogallery a[rel]").test();
//TypeError: test("#videogallery a[rel]").test is not a function <-- You see this because .overlay isn't working

It really means you are attempting to call .overlay before it is available.