I am creating a small web application in Spring so I have used Tomcat as my application server. The net application requires comet connections so I am using Tomcat's NIO because the connector. However, another area of the application must operate a php bulletin board. I have done configurations where Apache httpd handles all of the demands and passes these to Tomcat using mod_jk only if it must. Apache handles all of the static and php content.

However, it appears Apache httpd can't be used such as this if Tomcat is applying NIO or APR for everyone comet demands. It is possible to way I'm able to have Tomcat handle all demands and pass php demands to Apache that is hanging behind Tomcat? Or perhaps is there another proxy I'm able to use? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

You can route all your NIO comet connections through port 8080 and bypass apache altogether after which use port 80 apache for the php.

I personally use Jetty for comet, the industry great option for comet because it is a complete web server that may stand by itself, so there's no requirement for Apache.

An alternative choice would be to consider the Querces PHP servlet for Java, which might help eliminate Apache while still permitting you to employ php.

I really hope one of these simple options, or a mix of them, can help you solve your condition.