Attempting to keep a regular look &lifier feel from a django site along with a wordpress blog is turning out to be a bit of a discomfort and I am wondering if there is a way to put it together to ensure that stuff only must be transformed in one location.

The majority of the appearance items that changes is incorporated in the header and footer which for Wordpress is within header.php and footer.php, as well as for Django it's inside a base template.

I'd would rather have the ability to possess the Django template function as the master factor that's edited, but each one could be more suitable to needing to keep both up-to-date by hand.

You could think about Deliverance case the kind of factor it's meant for.

This recent post towards the wordpress-cyber-terrorist subscriber list pointed out the JSON API wordpress plugin which was written to behave much like what for you to do, though Rails.

In a nutshell, the WordPress installation turns into a data after sales that's utilized by JSON out of your Django-based frontend. Surveys are passed back using your frontend and held in WordPress.