First sorry my British... I must store lots of polyline inside a database. It ocurred in my experience produce a table call "points" and store every point from each polyline. Another factor that happened in my experience is serialize (with php) the polilynes and store in one row each polilyne

Which option thinks be more effective?

Very Thanks

If you are not married to MySQL, PostgreSQL includes a PostGIS extension that natively handles geographic data, including queries against it.

If you are set on MySQL, I'd get it done as points, so that you can query against individual points. Serialization might be more efficient to fetch the road, however it ruins querying.

Developing a table to keep each point individually seems like overkill and excessive normalization, unless of course you need to perform queries of these points.

I'd simply serialize these to a string and store these questions text area.

Either/or. You are able to normalize the look together with your Points table, or put all the points in a single area of the Polyline table.

The very first is more extensible and it has the DB model your computer data more carefully. The 2nd would involve less reads/creates towards the DB and may be faster, but would need you to parse the highlights inside your code, and it might be harder to find a certain point.

Is dependent in your application. :)

Developing a table of points with another relation mapping the set to some polyline/polygon is pretty good practice. I've written several 1-off GIS schema with this particular approach. Yes, some DBs have spatial extensions however, you can perform a large amount of other work too having the ability to simply adjust single points, scale them, &c.

There's a place of normalization, I only say put it to use.