I'm focusing on a mod for a game title. Presently, the mod inspections to ascertain if a picture (the look is really a texture for that three dimensional model) using the filename that's the username is online in a certain location (So presently, I am using Dropbox to keep these images, therefore it inspections with my public directory). In the event that image is online, it renders one around the player and is applicable that image towards the model.

I'm able to by hand upload images (using the username because the filename) as much as the web site store the images, however i intend on causeing this to be mod public and clearly that will not work if 100s of gamers desire to use this mod. Things I require is once the user ticks or unticks the choice to use that model for their character, the look will end up available or not available towards the client, permitting the customer to determine whether or not to render the item or this is not on the ball player.

I'm not sure anything about databases or website design/coding and that i have only a vague idea on how to pull off this.

I want a way to create the look available or otherwise. Must I:

  • Possess the filename change? So something similar to from eegabooga.png to eegaboogaunused.png
  • Possess a MySQL database which has the pictures along with a boolean. So true means it is a used image and false means it's unused? (Sorry in the event that will not make any sense, I've no understanding about MySQL or any kind of databases).
  • (Something you believe could be better).

Sorry if the makes little sense. I'll attempt to explain anything in further detail if you want, just request. I appreciate the assistance!

So - I am speculating the checkbox is available outdoors the mod? Otherwise, the mod should handle the hide/show from the file.

When the checkbox is online, then use this website to manage access. Route all image demands with the website, and allow the website redirect the request onto DropBox or Amazon . com S3 if access is allowed - otherwise, reject the request having a 404.