Suppose I'm echoing random data from PHP to browser. Total quantity of random information is about XGb and echo is completed in YKb portions. doctor_start() sits dormant. Will echo calls block after PHP and Apache buffers are full (client is incompetent at consuming data with similar speed it's produced)? If that's the case, just how much in dimensions PHP and Apache buffers? Will I understand properly, the procedure:

  • PHP echo is delivering bytes to php output buffer until it's full. Next echo begins to bar until some buffer is distributed to Apache and therefore removed
  • PHP is delivering data from it's output buffer until Apache buffer is full. Next Apache stops receiving data from PHP and waits, until part the buffer is distributed to client and removed.

P.S. If you're suprised through the stupidity from the task I will achieve, I'm able to say, that i'm writting small traffic balancing script for any dedicatied server with certain traffic rules applied (IN/OUT traffic ratio ought to be stored at certain value).