I wish to use wordpress for intranet portal/blog purpose.

And so i want, tthere shouldn't be connect to internet from wordpress.

No traffic ought to be to internet from the intranet.

Like you will find many link have been in wordpress: help,resister,forget password etc.

Please some plug-in or theme for this function.

Thanks in Advanced Rahul Singh Rathaure

There isn't much to complete here. No requirement for a wordpress plugin.

Just install Wordpress on the server obtainable only in your area (having a local host title), and specify that host title because the root Link to your site.

You might want to setup a nearby mail server to provide E-Mail, or make use of an exterior one with the objective. That's really the only snag will be able to see.

Also, you might want to switch off the different "Search for updates" functions that WordPress has in the after sales. But when the server you put in your blog on does not have Access to the internet, this problem will solve itself.