What are the known delphi components or code that produces an easy virtual drive that links to some single file. example ISO file? but this time around, could be read.

Writing a "virtual drive" requires writing a kernel-level device emulation driver (a "SCSI miniport"-based motorists appear fairly popular), which generally means C/C++ -- which is only the start -)

Not really a trivial task. There might be some existing [free] code solutions that will get a minimum of a few of the way there...

Listed here are what I've been capable of finding with a few quick google goggles:

  • Wikipedia article on ISO software

  • WinCDEmu

    WinCDEmu is definitely an open-source utility for mounting ISO image files in Microsoft Home windows. It installs a Home windows device driver which enables a person to mount a picture of the Compact disc or DVD ROM and can get on as though it were an actual drive.

  • TrueCrypt

  • Virtual Floppy

However, if you just need something to create an ISO/VHD from the directory and never a genuine "virtual drive" (or, a minimum of an online driver another person is supplying), then that could be a far simpler integration task...

Happy coding.