For those who have a (Sybase) saved method that does "choose * from ... where ..." so how exactly does that actually work? Just when was the * broadened to any or all the posts? At sproc creation time, at sproc compilation time, execution time, etc?

I'm utilizing a sproc like this which isn't coming back among the posts also it makes me think that it's at sproc creation time however i aren't able to find any references to verify that.

Edit: I've verified that recompiling a sproc does not make the * to become re-examined which virtually verifies my primary ideas but nonetheless searching for a reference where this behavior is recorded.

It ought to be execution time. You can look at your theory by using these steps:

  1. Produce a dummy table MY_DUMMY_TABLE with 1 area (let us just refer to it as "ID")

  2. Write a saved proc that does only choose * from MY_DUMMY_TABLE

  3. Realize that the saved proc does indeed return your one area

  4. Affect the table to include another area (let us refer to it as "NOTES")

  5. Run your saved proc again

  6. Observe whether "NOTES" is incorporated within the output

The * is broadened when the process is put together, which happens in the first execution. Next, the put together version can be used.

Stay away from select * being produced code for reasons such as this. See this related question.