There I figured I understood Wordpress well. It now appears that update_option() auto-escapes code. If I wish to avoid wasting Javascript or Web coding within an option, this behavior renders the code useless.

I won't perform a str_replace around the came back value to remove every backslash. There needs to be an easy method.

Here's the PHP for that text box to go in some code:

$option = unserialize(get_option('option'));

<textarea name="option[box]"><?php echo $option['box']; ?></textarea>

This is exactly what happens after posting the shape (essentially):

update_option('option', serialize($_POST));

Any ideas?

Edit: Now i first got it to operate by utilizing PHP's stripslashes() in which the script needs to be made, and htmlentities(stripslashes()) within the text box to show the saved code. Although this does the task, I'd still prefer to determine if there's a much better solution.

It now appears that update_option() auto-escapes code.

It only purifies the worthiness for database entry. You will find the actual troublemaker is about line 750 in wp-settings.php, and also the Wordpress function add_magic_quotes().

Yep, that is correct, add miracle quotes!

For whatever reason, WordPress made the decision to enforce miracle quotes, so you'll always have to stripslashes on GET and Publish when writing plug ins and so on.