Does any have the thought of how wordpress works. I'm greatly curious going to be aware of working and flow of execution in wordpress. The way they are controlling the templates and htaccess controll follow etc.

Assist me to and share your understanding beside me.

If you want screen casts, WordPress TV includes a walkthrough from the anatomy of the WordPress theme which can be useful:

I'd also recommend looking with the database. Log into PHPMyAdmin or something like that similar, and check out what's being saved where, and how it is being known as. It clicked on for me personally after i saw the column names later in Wordpress tags that known as "blog_description" or whatever, and that i understood what it really was calling.

And past the codex, you are able to really search around within the "real" PHP that drives the engine and never the "pseudo" PHP that comprises Wordpress-Tags etc.

Begin with web site hierarchy diagram: (Visual Overview section)

Then browse the relevant PHP file to determine what is happening based on which page has been displayed.

Here are a few frameworks to enable you to get began:

Wordpress Theme Frameworks explained

You will find a couple of things that actually assisted me out.

First, get acquainted with the default template. Try altering a few of the PHP files within the wordpress-content/ folder.

Second, whenever you seem like you realize the fundamentals of what's going on, undergo a few of the Wordpress lessons. They make sense and are useful.

A pleasant intro.