I have to begin a virtual keyboard (namely click-n-type) from the application to permit user input within the active area. Once the user concentrates on an edit box during my application's window, the virtual keyboard jumps to allow input.

However, I can not get this operate in a single click. After I make use of the "start click-n-type.exe" the laptop keyboard begins normally however the edit box looses focus. After I use "start /min click-n-type.exe", the edit box keeps the main focus however the keyboard is reduced. It is possible to method to have both focus unchanged and virtual keyboard instead?

Normally, I'd suggest getting the application loaded as with process dll, but that may require a great deal of re-training. Rather, this may help:

  • Always load the application, allow it to be invisible
  • Once the active area will get user input, improve your form configurations to borderless and try to on the top
  • The application should certainly be used. Another application has become the following within the Z-Order. Make certain you've its window handle
  • When someone types something or clicks something in your virtual keyboard, switch focus (user will not notice, you are always on the top) and employ SendKeys
  • Then switch focus to the application.

You will find different ways of writing such programs, that are softer but need a strong knowledge of your window texting model and also the how you can load / unload dlls using their company appllications.