i set the road for that tomcat and hang all variables like

1.JAVA_HOME=C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.6._22 2.CATALINA_HOME=G:springworkserverapache-tomcat-6..29 3.CLASSPATH=G:springworkserverapache-tomcat-6..29libservlet-api.jarG:springworkserverapache-tomcat-6..29libjsp-api.jar.

after i visit bin folder and double click startup.softball bat then my tomcat start so when i double click shutdown.softball bat tomcat is stop.

However I want using CMD stop and start the tomcat. As well as in any folder i write command startup.softball bat the server will begin so when i write the server stop......

Thanks in advace..........

Add %CATALINA_HOME%/bin to path system variable.

Visit Environment Variables screen under System Variables you will see a Path variable edit the variable and add ;%CATALINA_HOME%\bin towards the variable then click OK in order to save the alterations. Close all opened up command prompts then open a brand new command prompt and then try to make use of the command startup.bat.