i've just began using visual studio 2008.I'm focusing on c#.

I wish to add SQL database particularly LOCAL database (.sdf) to my project and wish to use queries that will save data in database and fetch some data from database and that will display and can perform different function.

So, if any body can provide me any small tutorial or link that what exactly are various databases i'm able to use together with visual studio and and just how am i going to have the ability for doing things.

Any general tutorial is going to do.



Avoid using .sdf databases. I have labored by using it however it was confusing. I wasn't able to utilize WHERE claims....

Use SQLite rather.

That's The Answer.

Download SQLite here Another tutorial

For straightforward Local SQL database stores, you will find a number of solutions. A good full comparison can be found on from Wikipedia

SQL Express 2008

From process, runs like a home windows service, supports saved methods and sights and does virtually everything SQL standard does with couple of restrictions. 50MB install.

Well suited for not large SQL deployments.

Loads of how to guides for SQL Express

SQL Compact Edition 3.5 (.sdf files)

In process, the code for being able to access the database runs inside the same process as the application. Well suited for embedded systems (reason for purchase, ATM, in-vehicle systems etc...). Microsoft's equivilent to SQLite. Really small install (simple to deploy with application).

Getting started guide for SQL Compact Edition along with a load of HowTos to get you going


The non-Microsoft response to an in process database. Virtually exactly the same functionality as SQL Compact Edition aside from it is a more compact install (300kb for SQLite versus. 2MB for SQL Compact edition), it supports bigger database files (32TB for SQLite versus. 4GB for SQL Compact edition).

SQLite getting started article

I suggest you using SQLite

Unsure why Gergen was not able to do where claims. One problem I'd with Compact edition was which i could not create saved procs or sights. I do not cash knowledge about SQL Lite, and so i can't give a viewpoint on that.

If you're doing internet based stuff (i.e., asp.internet), I discovered the next series a great summary of database stuff: Data Access Tutorials

For what database to make use of, as lengthy as there is a provider for this, dealing with it via ADO.Internet (or entity framework, or whatever) ought to be similar. If you're just beginning, I'd most likely recommend remaining using the Compact Edition because most good examples/lessons you will see will involved SQL Server.