I am with the necessity to try looking in my database, one column of the table that doesn't be aware of title in the beginning, ultimately the next:

During my application produced for every project, a table is produced that takes the title of the project, using the given title and concatenating using the time and date of creation. Therefore the title of the table is saved in another table known as projects which have a area that informs the customer that goes to that particular project. After I do Choose need to see what they are called of application projects associated with the ID's of clients, see the database tables behind individuals individuals clients and produce me these tables, to ensure that we are able to finally begin to see the preferred fields.

Don't know basically might be obvious, when they require more particulars just talk!


Basically understood you properly, you have to discover the exact names from the tables which were named much like your project and so they possess some additional figures within their names (that appear to be like dates and occasions).

Well, kinds all of the tables that begin with the title of the project, utilizing a query such as this:

FROM sys.tables
WHERE name LIKE 'yourprojectname%'

sys.tables is really a system view where all of your tables are listed.

'yourprojectname%' is really a mask employed for blocking with the listing of tables. The % character is neccessary. This means 'any character or figures, a variety of them (or not one of them)'. (Without % the output would demonstrate just one table whose title is exactly much like your project's title. If this type of table is available, that's.)