Does anybody know where I'm able to find free world city database which includes:

  • city names in various languages
  • region / condition / province
  • country
  • Ip range
  • longitude / latitude

For everywhere except the united states, try the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency's GNS Country Files dataset but for the USA, make use of the USGS Domestic Names Database. This information is copyright free and relatively simple to import into MySQL.

These don't include Ip ranges, that kind of information is in a commercial sense offered by folks like MaxMind

MaxMind's GeoLite City database is free of charge:

The web site has instructions for placing the contents right into a database table.

It consists of city, region/condition/province, country, Ip range, latitude, longitude along with a bunch more information.

That one consists of world metropolitan areas and Latitude / Longitude

You may also obtain a world database at geonames org