I installed php and mysql on my small IIS 7, Now, I can tell the phpinfo() also it all is effective, except, I have no idea where and do you know the connection string particulars are for mysql.

I'm attempting to install wordpress (via web platform installer on IIS) and each time I attempt to set up it, it requests database particulars - I realize why its doing that, except, I have no idea what they're myself.

After lots of searching and looking out, I'm surprised that you will find literally NO information about how to get this done, no lessons anywhere, not really bugs about this. Either that, or I am woofing up another photo voltaic system.

Any links to lessons regarding how to do this is very useful. But many importantly, how do you discover the particulars about mysql?


Do your favor and download an effective GUI for dealing with MySQL, for example SQLYog or something like that similar and end up forgetting that poo of PHPMyAdmin. As pointed out, your username is probably root without password.

Searching for any program known as mysqlinstanceconfig.exe (or something like that similar, you ought to have it inside your MySQL installation folder) - it enables you to definitely rapidly reconfigure your instance and you will totally reset your login credidentials by using it.

About MySQL GUI-s: if I am not mistaken, there's one free coming from MySQL but I am unsure about this. Ignore PHPMyAdmin, it is the worst bit of code ever written along with a HUGE security hole.

As you are managing a MySQL server in your area, your hostname could be localhost, and you will use root because the username, and set nothing because the password.