I had been while using wordpress plugin My Page Order to buy my pages, Then i switched off my plug ins after which switched it well on however it is not working any longer. Does anyone understand how to order pages in wordpress?

Heres the url http://satbulsara.com/luke-irwin/rugs/animals/



There's already a method to do this whenever you edit pages in wordpress. Have a look only at that image.Towards the bottom right hands corner you will see a box that states "order" having a zero inside it. You are able to change time to anything you want and also the pages will sort with that number climbing order.

It's also wise to have a look in the files inside your theme and locate the wp_list_pages function that's accustomed to render recption menus you are searching at. That function requires a 'sort_column' argument that may override your menu order. Getting rid of / modifying that argument can help you.