I've got a client who's thinking about getting a text-only look at the website open to site visitors with ease of access needs. This is additionally towards the usual, fully designed view.

I love exactly what the Kennedy Center did for text-only view, www.kennedy-center.org/text. I love the way it seems towards the user like a subdirectory, however i am trying to puzzle out how you can accomplish this in WordPress. Two styles? Subdirectory? Session cookie? Intercepting the URL and loading different stylesheets?

Any suggestions or any built-in capacity that anybody can suggest?



A really fast approach to take would be to set a cookie along with a GET variable.

Fundamental example:

In function.php:

if (isset($_GET['text'])) { 
    setcookie("is_text", 'true', time()+60*60*24*365*10,"/");

In header.php:

if (isset($_COOKIE['is_text'])||isset($_GET['text'])) {
 // text CSS stylesheet
} else {
 // standard CSS stylesheet

So that you can switch the vista in each and every page simply by adding ?text for your url.