I am developing a WordPress photoblog theme and I wish to produce a pictures page that sits between index.php and single.php.

The concept is the fact that when someone clicks your blog publish, they visit the pictures page to determine all photos mounted on that publish plus they then click a person image to become rerouted towards the blog entry. Does Wordpress templating support this?

I do not see that which you mean by "the consumer clicks your blog publish", but in a nutshell, you can customize the primary template to create a hyperlink like:

<a href="showphotos.php?id=POST_ID">Show Photos</a>

Then write some custom wordpress plugin to handle some photos per blog publish.

Finally, produce a page "showphotos" and assign it to some theme file and add the required PHP code to create the pictures within it.

The issue together with your real question is that you are asking something such as "how do you develop a wooden tower"? You will find various ways, and every rely on different use cases, none which are particularly handled because of your question. Remember that we on So might be not here to produce plug ins for you personally, so don't request for elaborate systems and rather concentrate on what's annoying you.

WordPress just loads the files within the theme's directory, which means you aren't restricted to Wordpress much.

If you would like, why don't you simply make the index.php file possess a section which runs only if it gets to be a $_GET variable denoting the user has asked for the pictures page?

This really is kind of what i'm saying:



if (isset($_GET['gallery']))
  // Show the gallery.
} else {
  // Show the main content instead


As well as on index.php, you could include the gallery parameter towards the Web addresses:

<a href="single.php?gallery=1&foo=bar">Title of Article</a>

But that is only the way I'd get it done.